BARKS+WRECK was founded by Scott Decoteau. In October 2018, Scott unexpectedly passed away and in 2020 it is now being relaunched by his brother Seth and some of Scott's close friends as a way to encourage others to get wyld, be PAWesome and always adventure.

We are an accessories and apparel brand for adventurous pups and parents alike.  

Whether it's the streets, slopes, trails, or anywhere your adventures take you, BARKS+WRECK has you covered.

Browse our store for the latest and greatest fun gear for you and your pup, and make sure to check back often as we'll be adding new stuff regularly!

For all the latest and greatest, give us a like and keep tabs on us at our Facebook page: Click here for the BARKSxWRECK Facebook page!

We're also on Instagram & Twitter! To learn more about Scott visit LIVELIKESCOTT.com

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